We make it easy

A great presentation on the sales floor is key to building your brand. We help maximize your selling potential by creating collections that resonate. Our coordinating collections make it easy to choose graphics, specialty garments and colors that look great on display and drive sales.

We design exclusive garments based on current trends in fabrics, colors and fit. Manufactured with the utmost attention to detail, these garments are then decorated with graphics to put it all together.

Better Inks

We use our state of the art ink mixing system to create vivid accurate consistent color.

Better Prints

Our endless variety of bases and pigments allow us to achieve print processes unique to our industry.


We promise accurate deliveries
and we deliver on our promise

Our facility allows us to warehouse over a million garments. This means we have what you need when you need it.

Your order is ready to go on time with some of the most accurate and fastest shipping times in the industry.

High standards meet green standards

Saving water

We invest in new production equipment that has lower operating costs, using less than half the amount of manual rinsing systems. By using a self-contained filtration system in our screen washout, we reduce water usage. While more expensive, this equipment sets a higher industry standard and lower environmental footprint.

With the use of the Eco-Rinse, we can recirculate rinse water to reduce environmental impact and lower operating costs. The eco-rinse was originally designed to rinse only 2 screens at a time. We wanted to save time and water, so we devised a plan to allow the machine to hold 4 screens. Before the eco-rinse, we had 2 soaking wet employees using a pressure washer hosing off the screens. With an automated machine, 1 employee can now do their job 2X faster and leave work completely dry.

Lighting up the future responsibly

In the beginning of 2017, we finished converting 3,908 lights in our 234,000 square foot facility to energy efficient LED lighting. We anticipate saving over 243,374 kilowatt hours per year, and our new LED lights have an estimated life expectancy of over 10 years.

Partnering with eco-focused companies

We partner with garment makers that practice sustainable business. In 2014, our largest garment supplier powered 53% of their total energy from renewable sources. They also recycled or repurposed 90% of their total waste.

We make recycling easy

We recycle whenever possible - cardboard boxes, paper products, plastic shrink wrap, garments, cardboard packaging cones and additional substrates.

A friendlier clean

To create a healthier internal environment we replaced caustic cleaning products with a water-soluble cleaning solution. Choosing a safer cleaning product protects the health of our employees and keeps our workspace clean and safe.

The screen reclaiming machine is something we are extremely proud of. We have now switched to using biodegradeable, drain safe, water based cleaning products to reclaim our screens. After feeding the machine 1 screen at a time, it will begin its process where the screen will get a deep clean to get rid of ink, stencils and any other residue. Before the new screen reclaim machine, we had about 520 screens being reclaimed. We now double that amount as this machine sees over 1,000 screens per day.

Less paper

We have taken initiatives to reduce paper through the creation of our proprietary, company-wide creative and order-processing systems. These systems link all departments and tracks all stages from start to finish, in digital form, significantly reducing the need for paper.


We have made dedicated efforts in the past 3 years to reduce our environmental footprint. By using higher quality materials and Kaizen manufacturing techniques, we reduce waste and streaming processes. From emulsion, mesh and ink to cleaning solutions, tape and boxes, we have found better, more efficient ways of getting your product to you in an efficient, timely manner.

Sustainable packaging

We purchase cardboard boxes from a sustainable packaging company. These boxes are made with 100% recycled paper from a company that recycles 3000 tons of paper each day. Additionally, we opt for a high-quality packing tape that allows us to use less tape per box.

By using packaging made from 100% recycled paper in 2016, we had the following impact on the environment:

490,000 Gallons of Water Saved
1,190 Trees Saved
70 Tons of CO2 Prevented
280,000 Kilowatt Hours of Power Saved
231 Cubic Yards Diverted from Landfill

Just the right amount of ink

Our state-of-the-art ink mixing system allows us to be more exact with our ink usage. Instead of purchasing bulk ink, our technology allows us to mix what is needed resulting in no excess.

By the use of emulsion ink we are able to use a quick-drying and smear resistant ink that is a perfect balance of oil and water. Since we started to mix our own ink, we were able to eliminated excess waste by improving from 5 gallon buckets of ink, to now only mixing 1 gallon or 1 quart at a time.