We use only high quality Wilfex inks at our facility. Utilizing the DM4 ink mixing system, we are able to provide the highest level of consistency and control in the industry. We can create any assortment of specialty inks that add excitement and value to your design. Besides our ability to mix any Pantone color we carry some exciting Specialty Inks below.


Puff Ink Adds eye-catching dimension and texture to a design.
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Suede Adds texture while maintaining a soft finish. The soft, velvet texture can be used to simulate leather.

Sculpture Base Attain the appearance of smooth, sculpted clay and add a special effect to a design.

Glitter Adds a definitive sparkle and is available in 15 colors.
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Chrome Has a shimmering, metallic look and will add value to any design.
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Shimmer Much like our Chrome ink, Shimmer has a metallic look but in a variety of colors . Over 12 shades are available.

HD Clear This clear gloss can be overprinted on any ink to add a glossy finish to an outstanding color.

Fluorescent Brighter neon colors make designs pop!
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Glow Ink When charged by light, this ink glows in the dark for a fun addition to designs.
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Gel Thick jelly-like ink adds shine and uniqueness to a design.

Vintage Soft Provides a soft handfeel similar to water based inks. This ink adds an authentic vintage look to designs without the heavy rigid feel of traditional inks.
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Plush Ink Create a texture that mimics chenille and velvet. Adds a high-fashion finish that is soft to the touch.


Foil Added to a design using a heat press creates metallic brilliance.

Multi Media The combination of screenprint and embroidery is a great way to add texture and value to a flat design.