the extra details

Our retail ready services can expedite your shelving processes, enhance your sales, and elevate your brand. Ask your sales representative for pricing on these services.

Folding & Bagging

We offer folding and polybagging services. These services make it easier to redistribute and maintain garment cleanliness throughout the shipping and warehousing process.


We offer pre-ticketing of garments with your tags which ensures that your out of box apparel is ready for the sales floor.

Shelf Ready

Garments are folded and placed in special boxes with dividers. This organized box makes it easy to shelve your new garments - just lift and place on shelves!

Custom Hang Tags

We can create custom hang tags that enhance your brand. Adding a custom hang tag is a little detail that has a big impact on your brand.

Custom Neck Labeling

We can create custom labels, including pad prints and woven neck labels that get recognition and build your brand.

Ask about additional retail ready services such as event packaging and custom signage to promote your displays and make that final sale.