Appliqué is the process of cutting and applying fabric to a garment. Our embroidery department has the ability to work with several different kinds of appliqué to add dimension, value and interest to a design.


Felt Appliqué This appliqué is classic, soft and very versatile. It can be used in single or double application to add greater dimension to a design.

Glitter Appliqué This appliqué is a great choice to achieve a glimmery yet smooth effect.

Jersey Appliqué This appliqué is light and soft with a t-shirt feel. It adds dimension without adding weight.
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Snoopy Suede This appliqué has an extremely soft traditional feel. This higher end fabric is available in a rich, earthy palette.

Alpine Fleece Our thickest and softest appliqué. Create fun by layering in with other appliqués.

Chino Twill This appliqué has an updated look, laser cut or raw edged, it adds a fashion edge to a garment.
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Poly Pro Appliqué This appliqué has a glossy appearance and works great for collegiate type designs.


Laser Etching Using a laser to discharge the dye in chino twill appliqué can create additional subtle details.

Metallic Thread This thread adds a metallic shine to a design.

Filaine Thread A thicker thread, filaine is more dimensional then traditional embroidery thread.
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Double Appliqué This technique adds even more dimension as the fabric is doubled up to achieve thickness.
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Raw Edge Left unfinished, the raw edge will fray to achieve a trendy vintage look.

Multi Media The combination of screen print and embroidery is a great way to add texture to a flat design.